Sadness Turns To Hate
Sadness Turns To Hate

About Sadness Turns To Hate

The project "Sadness turns to hate" was born in the early 90´s. I was - still i am - very interessted in music. I am interessted mostly in death-metal and goa, but also into "regular" music. People know me (at least they guess) as "metal-head",  but i listen to all kinds of music. From metal, pop (few), classic, rap, hip-hop, r&b , goa up to world-music almost everything. It depents not on the direction of music, important is the music itself. No matter witch direction, there´s a lot of crap but also good stuff. You´ll just need to find it.....  But my heart belongs to death-metal and goa. I started to make music/record own songs. The quality of most songs is not that great, but hey! It´s just homerecording!!!! So please don´t expect professional quality. I do all these things just as my hobby.

First i made electronical music, later electric (guitar) music.

I needed a name for this project. So i called it "Sadness turns to hate". But i wasn´t happy with the name in combination with this electronical music i did.....

I changed the name (in electronical music) into "RaumZeit". Fits better i guess....

At that time i was already playing guitar. That´s where i´m musicaly inspired from.

Later i started to record some songs playing guitar...... So finaly it was "Sadness turns to hate" again.
I´ve always been spending a lot of time with 3D-programms and graphics at all. That´s the third chapter on this webside. So, these are the three chapters where my website is based on. Take a look at it if you want to......