Sadness Turns To Hate
Sadness Turns To Hate

 3 dimentional

On this page i show some projects i worked on. Not realy how to do it (that would take too long), but step-by-step-pictures and the result.

Single pieces, putted togheter building a whole piece. Or -for excample- creating several elements and combine them as a graphic (like a poster, logo and so on....).

I started in 3D-graphics with programms like "Fastray" or "Reflections". Later i worked with "NewTek - Lightwave" and "Maxon - Cinema 4D".  Right now i´m using "Blender". This programm is totaly for free! It´s an open-source project with almost every feature of an commercial programm. Whatever you imagine, you can do it with "Blender"!

Here are some links if you are interessted in "Blender":

To download "Blender" please visit this website:

Calendar 2018

"The Demon Inside"

more Demon, less Human.......

second session, more expression & details.....

first session, basic shape....

STTH-Black Valley CD-Cover-Art

Digipack with Hardcover

RaumZeit CD-Cover-Art

Jewelcase with Covercard

Calendar 2017

Dimensions: 180 cm lenght & 60 cm hight (10701 x 3626 pixels/151 dpi in original) PNG_File with 133 MB.

Sadness Turns To Hate-Logo And Poster

the single graphic-elements and how i combined them as a poster

landing-gear for a spaceship (part two)

 landing-gear for a spaceship (part one)

i started to build a spaceship..... But how it´s going to land? Maybe this way.......