Sadness Turns To Hate
Sadness Turns To Hate

Sadness turns To Hate (electrical music)

My first musicaly project.

"Sadness Turns To Hate" is all about guitar-music. Songs i wrote and recorded. All songs are homerecorded. I use several guitars - Cord, Ibanez, Gibson. My favorit guitar is a RG620 from Ibanez. It´s just great to use it for melodies and solos.

Everything is recorded, mixed etc. with Cubase.


Used equipment: GHS-Strings, Dunlop & Ibanez Picks , Hot-Line & Monster-Cables, Ernie Ball-Volumepedal, Morley Bad Horsie Wah-Wah, Line 6 PodPro, Engl & Rocktron Pre-Amps, TC Electronic Effects, Focusrite Scarlett Audio-Interface, Roland MC-303 Midi-Sequencer.


You may reconize that i´m not a drummer.....

So please excuse the inferior drum-tracks.....

Sorry to all drummers out there.

Songs from Sadness Turns To Hate...

RaumZeit (electronical music)

My second project in music is called "RaumZeit". It´s all about electronical music. Almost everything is made with the "Roland Mc-303 Groovebox". Earlier i used it as a standalone instrument. I used my computer only to record the songs. Later i started to produce the music. Not just recording anymore. Using effects, loops, arranging tracks. All is made with the "Roland Mc-303 Groovebox" in combination with Cubase. "RaumZeit" is inspired from Artists/DJ´s like Sven Väth, Maturesh.

I like the earlier records from these artists. Sven Väth´s "The harlequin the robot and the ballet dancer" or Maturesh´s "Link" are just great records. Also i´m influenced by Goa-music. "Astral Projection" is one of my favorite bands.

Songs from RaumZeit...

3D - projects (no music at all...)

It´s all about 3D-Graphics. Designing, modelling, raytracing/rendering. In the "Gallery" you can find some pictures, in "3D - projects" i show some projects i worked on/still working on.

Take a look at it if you are interrested in 3D-graphics. Most graphics in the gallery are created with "Blender". It´s an 3D-programm where you can model any object, creature, logo, scene etc.

You can create still-images or animations.  From modelling, sculpting, texturing, animating with physics, rendering with post-processing you can do almost everything with this software.